High-quality post molding
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High-quality post molding

Post-molding processes are critical for a successful plastic component. forteq has extensive expertise in this area.

Going the extra step to ensure the highest quality

Injection molding is one of the most precise ways to produce high-quality plastic components. But there’s more to a high-precision plastic part than the molding process. Once a part has been molded it undergoes a number of finishing steps. These steps are based on the client’s exact specifications. forteq is an expert in post-molding processes to create the perfect part.

Meeting all of your post-molding requirements

After molding, the plastic part may require further process steps. Post-molding processes can provide the exact required properties. For example, some plastic components may need to go through a flat or round grinding process to create a smooth surface or the necessary flatness. Printing or bar coding on the surface is required to identify the time and the batch number. Another common post-molding process is welding. This involves taking several plastic parts and joining them together using infrared welding, ultrasonic welding, spin welding, etc.

After all of the other post-molding steps have been completed, the assembly of different plastic or metal components may be required to complete the sub-component. It takes great attention to detail and precision to ensure that the sub-components can be assembled with the customer’s final product.

No matter which post-molding process is applied, they all need to meet the highest quality standards. As a result, having a partner you can trust is essential for the post-molding process.

Experience leads to high quality and cost competitiveness

forteq has more than five decades of expertise in molding and post-molding processes. Our company also has a highly experienced team of process engineers. Our engineers work with customers through every stage of the process to ensure that all of their needs are met. They also work with the best suppliers to automate the processes to ensure the best quality and productivity, resulting in the greatest cost competitiveness for your product.

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