Automotive plastics expertise
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Automotive plastics expertise

Customers around the world seeking high-precision, robust and reliable automotive plastics solutions have been turning to forteq for more than five decades.

Turn to the proven specialist in precision automotive plastics 

When it comes to plastic components used in automotive applications, customers around the world rely on the expertise of forteq.

We are a global leader in designing and manufacturing plastic components for automotive companies seeking the highest level of precision and quality. As a proven specialist in precision automotive plastics, we provide our customers with optimized value along the entire value chain.

Your advantages with forteq

  • Specialized in developing precision automotive plastic solutions
  • Extensive experience, dating back more than 50 years
  • Full service provider, from design to serial production and assembly
  • Ease of contact, with a single global supplier providing solutions along the entire value chain
  • Value-added plastic component solutions that are robust and reliable

How forteq can help you with your automotive plastics needs

We work closely with our customers to assesses their needs in detail. We then apply our expertise and experience in automotive plastic engineering and manufacturing to develop a tailored solution that meets all of your requirements. Because we provide high-quality services along the entire value chain for plastic components used in the automotive sector, customers are able to meet all of their needs with single supplier. This reduces complexity and improves supplier management.

In addition, as we work as a full-service supplier, we are better able to maintain an overview of your goals. This means greater economic efficiency through a more targeted use of resources. Our optimized designs together with our in-house tooling expertise ensure that the automotive plastics we develop are engineered to the highest degree of precision and quality, and that they meet all of your specific needs.

Put your trust in our significant experience and expertise

Long a leader in the development and production of automotive plastic parts, forteq has extensive experience and expertise in designing, producing and assembling plastic components for very demanding customers. As a solution-oriented and global partner with proven engineering and manufacturing expertise, we offer customers high-quality services in all areas related to plastic components. Our in-depth experience and know-how provide our customers with a number of advantages.

Automotive Expertise

See how you can benefit from forteq’s expertise.

A leading expert in Product development support for demanding customers

At forteq, we take account of all of our customers’ needs when we develop their products. In addition to the latest tools, we also rely on our extensive experience. This experience has been developed over five decades.

Meeting the highest standards High-quality tooling

forteq has more than five decades of experience in high-quality molded plastics and toolmaking. It uses this expertise to help customers meet their exact specifications.

Your solution for high precision plastic parts Injection molding

forteq specializes in producing high-quality precision components using injection molding. This allows automotive companies to meet the highest standards.

Your expert in High-quality post-molding processes

forteq has developed expertise in post-molding processes to ensure the success of your plastic components from start to finish.

See our full range of Component and subcomponent assembly options

After all of the other steps have been completed – from design to production – the final stage before delivery is product assembly. See our full range of assembly options for your products.

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