Value add sub-assembly solutions
A full range of

Value add sub-assembly solutions

In order to provide further value to our customers with our injection molding and post-processing products, forteq also offers manual, semi-automated and fully automated subassembly solutions.

Full range of options

At forteq, we work close with our Customers to understand their product needs and specifications and propose the best manufacturing solution possible to meet those needs.

forteq relies on its experienced Manufacturing Engineering team and partners to develop high-quality solutions that can range from manual subassemblies to fully automated solutions, including automated inspection methods that meet highly demanding automotive requirements.

Determining the right assembly process

From simple manual assembly of two or more subcomponents to fully automated solutions that include welding, grinding, automatic vision inspection and more, we provide the assembly solution that’s right for your product.

In determining the best assembly option, we work closely with you to determine your precise needs. There are a number of variables involved in determining the most appropriate process – from the product design to the materials used to your individual requirements. We look at all of these factors and recommend the best solutions for your product portfolio.

Our full range of subassembly options together with our plastic injection and post-processing solutions make forteq a one-stop shop with the highest quality and value in the industry for all of our customer needs.

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forteq is a leading partner for automotive companies looking for precision-engineered plastic products for all of their current and future needs.

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