Injection molding
The highest quality regardless of complexity

Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the most widely used processes for making plastic components. It’s an optimal solution for producing precise, high-quality parts.

A global specialist in injection molding

forteq is a leading specialist in high-precision injection molding.

We offer customers the same high quality regardless of the molded part’s complexity. We are a global solution provider, with locations in Europe, the US and China. So customers can be sure of getting the same high quality around the world.

The rise of plastic components in modern automobiles

Plastic offers a lightweight alternative to metal in automotive applications. One of the benefits of plastic is that it reduces the vehicle’s overall weight. This improves energy efficiency. As a result, plastic components are increasingly being installed in modern cars. Such parts can be found under the hood, in the car’s interior and on its exterior.

No matter where they’re located, plastic components need to be high quality and robust. One of the most reliable methods for producing high-quality plastic components is injection molding.

The many benefits of precision injection molding

Injection molding offers a number of benefits. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to produce a part consistently at a very high quality. Quality is essential to a vehicle’s safety and reliability. Plastic injection molding using ensures consistent and repeatable tolerances and a high level of precision.

With injection molding it is also possible to rapidly develop and test prototypes. forteq has its own in-house tooling center and can develop its own molds, thus reducing costs and time to production.

Plastic components manufactured using injection molding offer greater options in terms of materials and colors. A wide range of polymers can be used, giving the designer more options and increasing the options for using plastics rather than metal.

Ensuring consistent high quality

Injection molding offers a reliable and economical option for producing high-quality automotive components. forteq has been a leader in precision engineering and plastic molding for more than five decades. 

Improve part quality and reduce costs

The leading partner for Specialized plastic components for automotive applications

forteq is a leading partner for automotive companies looking for precision-engineered plastic products for all of their current and future needs.

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