Product development for optimized solutions
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Product development for optimized solutions

forteq uses its in-depth expertise and the latest technology to develop high-precision product solutions for even the most demanding projects.

Solutions based on expertise

forteq has been around for more than 50 years.

Over this time, it has developed in-depth expertise in automotive plastics and high-precision injection molding. Our company puts this experience to work for the customers by providing them with comprehensive product development support. The result is optimized and competitive solutions.

How the product development support process works

Working closely with the customer, forteq first assesses the specific project needs. Our company is a longtime provider of precision plastic products. We therefore have expertise in many application areas. forteq uses the latest software to help customers identify the optimal technical solutions for the desired application. Sophisticated software tools ensure an optimized design. Our expertise means the product can be manufactured easily. The result of this process is a product that satisfies all of your criteria.

In addition, forteq works along the entire value chain, from design and development to manufacturing and assembly. This end-to-end support means your product will not only be precise, but that your costs and time to market will be lower as well. The steps to a finished product usually include:

  • Product design
  • 3D design
  • Modifications and optimizations
  • Creation of a prototype
  • Mold making
  • Production and inspections
  • Assembly

In addition, as a global company, forteq can provide you with development and production support in the region where you’re located.

Out of our technology centers for gears in Switzerland and pumps in Italy, we are supporting our customers in their product development. Our mission is to support our customers to achieve the best technical and commercial solutions positioning our customers as leaders in the market. Please contact our Competence centers: Gear Competence Center or Pumps Technology Competence Center.

More than just a pretty design

Customers know the functions of their product, but they may not know how best to develop them. That’s where forteq’s expertise comes in. We have a team of highly skilled employees at locations around the world. These employees work with you to develop your product.

In working with you, we focus on your needs. What are your tolerance requirements? What environmental standards do you need to meet? Are there any other specifications that need to be taken into account? At forteq, we understand the entire process from beginning to end. We make sure the design is optimal and meets the best performance, cost and weight ratio.

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forteq is a leading partner for automotive companies looking for precision-engineered plastic products for all of their current and future needs.

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