Our environmental and social responsibility


At forteq, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and society. And we take this responsibility seriously.

Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability is an integral component of forteq’s corporate activities. For example, we strive to minimize energy consumption by investing in the latest technologies. We recycle the hot air generated at our sites to use as indoor heating. And materials are recycled whenever possible.

We also provide our customers with comprehensive support in their own efforts to reduce CO2 emissions – for example, through better performance, reducing the weight of individual parts and energy savings thanks to the production of environmentally-friendly device solutions.

All of our automotive manufacturing sites have accreditation for ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and quality managers make sure that these certification requirements are observed. This helps to ensure that we meet all of the strict environmental criteria that we set for ourselves.

Our commitment to social responsibility

forteq places the highest priority on health and safety, and its employees are trained accordingly. Every effort is made to ensure a safe environment on a daily basis. Rigorous healthy and safety guidelines have been implemented and regular training sessions are offered.

Employee satisfaction is important to us. Regular surveys are conducted to determine the level of satisfaction and identify points for improvement. We ensure compliance with all applicable local employment laws and regulations. And we pay good wages and benefits. Discrimination in any form is not tolerated at forteq. When hiring new employees, our company guarantees equal opportunities to ensure diversity within its workforce.

forteq adheres to the principles of its Supplier Code of Conduct, and requires that its suppliers do the same by implementing the relevant corporate policies and setting up appropriate management systems to ensure that the requirements of the forteq Supplier Code of Conduct are met. They must take appropriate actions to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. The forteq Group also encourages its suppliers to comply with ILO, UN and OECD conventions.

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