High-quality tooling
Meeting today’s high standards

High-quality tooling

How can you be sure to get the highest-quality plastic components? With a mold custom-made to the most demanding standards.

High-quality toolmaking for consistently superior results

The highest-quality automotive components start with the optimal mold design and mold making.

forteq has been designing and building high-precision molds for more than five decades. Our company uses a highly-developed process to design and build molds. So you can be sure to get custom-made molds that meet the highest international standards.

More and more automotive components are being made of plastic. The share of molded plastics in cars has significantly increased over even just a decade of two ago. As the number of molded plastics increase, automakers are turning to companies like forteq.

Car makers see the benefits and value of plastic components, as they are lighter and help to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Despite the wide range of parts, they all need to be equally reliable. Ensuring reliability takes experience and expertise. forteq has its own tool shop in China. This means we can produce the highest quality tools in-house while also sourcing molds from other quality tool shops globally. Controlling every step of the tool-making process allows forteq to ensure the highest level of quality.

What is the toolmaking process?

Close collaboration with our customers results in the success of the best mold design and production. After assessing the customer’s needs, an expert team of tool designers uses the latest software to design a custom mold. The design is tested repeatedly to make it meet the highest standards before the actual mold is made.

forteq is a specialist in mold-making

forteq has been making high-quality molds for more than five decades. It is a leader in the field and meets the highest international standards for high precision molds and plastic components.

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The leading partner for Specialized plastic components for automotive applications

forteq is a leading partner for automotive companies looking for precision-engineered plastic products for all of their current and future needs.

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