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The forteq leadership team

forteq is a global leader in the production of precision plastic components. We put our world-class expertise to work on behalf of our customers to ensure best-in-class solutions.


  • Anton Affentranger, Chairman of the Board
  • Patrick Kilchmann, Board Member
  • Philippe Sarasin, Board Member
  • Daniel Keist, Board Member
Anton Affentranger

“Best quality for high volume and complex parts is what we do. Client and employee satisfaction while taking care of our planet is how we do it.”

Anton Affentranger

Chairman of the Board

Group Management

  • Lucie Toscani, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andreas Moser, Chief Financial Officer
  • Rune Bakke, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Miguel Sanchez, Chief Operating Officer
Lucie Toscani

"Our commitment is to deliver precision excellency. Serving our customers & employees, serving the environment & forteq Group. Everyday, Everywhere, Every time."

Lucie Toscani

Chief Executive Officer
Rune Bakke

“At forteq we use our core competencies to shape the future and the sustainability of the automotive industry. We do this by engaging in a strong partnership with our customers and our employees - I am proud to be part of both.”

Rune Bakke

Chief Marketing Officer
Andreas Moser

"Working together with my teams in Finance, HR and ICT, I ensure that we manage our corporate resources effectively, providing best possible support to my colleagues in Sales & Engineering and Operations.”

Andreas Moser

Chief Financial Officer
Miguel Sanchez

“forteq is a global company that strives to develop, launch and manufacture highest value solutions for our customers. Our quality standards and manufacturing capabilities are best-in-class at all of our facilities. I am happy to be a part of this team!”

Miguel Sanchez

Chief Operating Officer

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