The key to a smooth and comfortable ride

Suspension systems

The suspension system is critical to good vehicle handling. As systems become more complex, the need for high-precision plastic parts is growing.

Enhancing handling and performance

The key to smooth handling and a comfortable ride is a good suspension system.

The demands placed on these systems will only grow with the increased weight of electric vehicles and stability requirements of heavy-duty trucks.

Air suspension systems are widely used to ensure even better performance than other suspension systems. These systems are powered by electrical air compressors with a sophisticated sensor system, enabling greater stability for heavy vehicles like trucks and electric vehicles.

The challenges of electric vehicles

They once seemed futuristic. But electric vehicles (EV) are now a reality. And the number of EV on the road is only going to grow. The use of air suspension systems will increase with the rise of electric vehicles. This is because they have heavier batteries and therefore need greater stability to secure improved energy performance and handling. This is where forteq can provide added value.

High-precision plastic components play an important role in air suspension systems. forteq has long produced precision plastic components for advanced suspension systems. Our experience with these systems dates back to the design and development of suitable resins. These resins were introduced in combination with the innovation of part and mold designs. The company is capable of providing a wide range of plastic design and parts for all types of air suspension systems.

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