High-precision plastic components for

Steering systems

forteq develops and manufactures a variety of components for steering systems. In doing so, we work closely with customers to meet their exact specifications.

A system that is critical to success

The steering system is a safety-critical vehicle system. So the individual components need to be robust and reliable.

A steering system is made up of a number of high-precision components. These include, for example, positioning sensors, electronic control units and electrical drive systems. With so many components involved, experience and expertise are critical to designing and manufacturing successful steering components.

Applying precision molding expertise

forteq has been using its expertise in precision molding for decades. Thus, it has extensive expertise in precision molding, including metal insert molding, to ensure reliable performance.

Our company also works in the area of metal to plastic conversion. This reduces costs and the vehicle weight and improves energy consumption.

Working closely with the customer

forteq believes that working closely with the customer is the best way to develop the optimal product. The customer knows the exact specifications that are needed. By focusing on these needs, we can work together to produce the ideal part.

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Specialized in developing precision plastic solutions for automotive applications, forteq creates added value for its global customers.

To ensure customer success How we work

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