Precise plastic products
For the automotive industry

Precise plastic products

forteq is a leading specialist in the development and production of high-precision plastic components for all of the latest automotive applications.

New production and manufacturing standards for new automotive requirements

Stricter environmental regulations and tighter fuel economy rules. Increasing production of hybrid and electric vehicles.

High-precision and lightweight plastic components are essential to meeting these new standards. Automotive companies looking to make sure their vehicles meet these new requirements and market demands rely on specialist suppliers like forteq, a leading provider of plastic products for automotive applications.

We continuously focus on strengthening our position in response to current and future automotive trends. These trends include an increased need for lightweight components made of plastic. Parts made from lightweight plastics help reduce both energy consumption and pollution emissions. They are therefore crucial for future automotive applications.

forteq produces precision plastic components for electric and hybrid powertrains, where the company applies its expertise in gears and thermal management applications. These technologies play a key role in a number of advanced automotive applications, making them critical to developing new and innovative solutions.

Optimized solutions to reduce costs and time to market

forteq provides its customers with optimized solutions for their specific needs. For example, we have dedicated competence centers for designing thermal management components and gear transmission systems. In addition, our regional sales and development engineering teams work closely with our customers to support them with the development and manufacturing of precision plastic products.

Because we offer end-to-end support, we help our customers reduce their development and production costs. At the same time, we ensure the shortest possible time to market by offering high-quality parts that meet all their needs from a single source.

Why choose plastic components?

Plastic components are lighter than their metal counterparts, which reduces the overall vehicle weight and cost. This results in greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In addition, plastic components are easier to design than traditional metal parts. This means greater flexibility when developing new concepts and innovative products.

But greater design flexibility doesn’t mean you need to forgo tight tolerances. Our plastic component solutions can meet even the highest tolerance standards.

Proven expertise and certified quality

In addition to our more than five decades of experience and expertise in precision plastic components, we also hold a number of certifications, including:

  • IATF 16949:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

All of these certifications involve a rigorous and time-intensive process. We make this effort so you can have confidence in our management and environmental standards. Thus, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best plastic component solution for your needs.

Precise plastic products

See how you can benefit from forteq’s expertise.

All of the benefits of Plastic actuator components

As a specialist in plastic components, forteq can help you meet all of your product needs when you’re looking for high-quality actuator components.

High-precision components for Electrical braking systems

As carmakers shift from mechanical to electrical braking systems, they need a reliable partner for the production of the high-precision plastic components needed for these systems.

Precision parts for high-performance Engine timing systems

forteq has been working with demanding customers to develop precision parts for engine timing systems for decades.

A leading expert in precision components for Suspension systems

forteq has been designing and producing sophisticated plastic components for suspension systems for demanding customers for decades.

High-precision plastic components for Steering systems

At forteq, we work closely with you, the customer, to make sure all of your needs are met. We put our precision molding expertise at your disposal, including metal to plastic conversion.

High-precision plastic parts Thermal management solutions

With extensive experience in all types of pumps forteq is uniquely positioned to provide components for thermal management solutions, no matter what type of powertrain – internal combustion, hybrid or fully electric.

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