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As the trend toward fully electric powertrains continues thermal management is playing a more important role. See how our expertise in this area can help you.

A rapidly increasing trend toward electrification

Automakers are rapidly moving toward full electrification of the vehicle powertrain.

As they do so, the issue of thermal management is becoming increasingly important. With our vast experience in oil, water and air vacuum pump components we are ideally suited for supporting customers who are making this transition.

The need for thermal management in traditional internal combustion engines is clear. But electric vehicles require thermal management as well. And new and innovative solutions are required in response to this trend.

Thermal management in electric vehicles makes it possible to improve the battery’s power and life. As a result, temperature is an important aspect when designing and building electric vehicles. This makes thermal management systems crucial as the new generation of vehicles is developed.

The role of metal to plastic conversion

Metal to plastic conversion plays an important role in this process as well. Electric vehicle manufacturers are attempting to reduce the overall weight of their vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. Plastic components can help with this process because they are lighter than their metal counterparts. Despite being lighter, however, they are just as precise and robust.

Our in-house experts can support customers with the transition from thermal management for internal combustion engines to the requirements for electric vehicles.

A leading position

forteq occupies a leading position in this area. With decades of experience in pump components of all types we are uniquely capable of supporting our customers with the transition from thermal management for internal combustion engines to thermal management for electric vehicles. 

We have extensive experience in thermal management components. Let us put our expertise to work for all of your categories of powertrain – from internal combustion to hybrid to electric engines.

See how forteq’s experience and expertise can help you.

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